A Message From The Central Government: RENOUNCE PUBLICLY


“School encouraged me to say things that I knew were wrong!”

“I was influenced by a dishonest media!”

“I thought free speech meant I could say ANYTHING I wanted!”

You were just a young person, trying to find your way in a chaotic society. While others your age were fighting the hideous evil of Islamaterrorism or volunteering to repel intruders at our Great Southern Border, you were taking advantage of the morally lax standards of the period and spreading subversive propaganda on your social media account.

Until this Proud Nation said ENOUGH! So, while you might have been late to join the Party, you’ve seen the error of your ways. We’ve all done things we’re ashamed of when we were young. Embarrassment is understandable, but there is only one path to salvation: Public Renouncement.

Your service to Government is both your honor and your duty, but it does not wash away the sins of your malignant youth. By volunteering to renounce past subversive statements, you demonstrate your loyalty by placing your confidence in the Wisdom of the State.

Make no mistake: Central Government computers are scouring frozen social media platforms for indications of past subversion. Will you be caught and brought before a tribunal? Sign up for Public Renouncement at your local Loyalty Lodge before it’s too late.

Speech Is Never Free | Loyalty Always Is

Public renouncement is not available to persons belonging to groups classified as harmful to the state. Contact a representative of your local Loyalty lodge if you’re unsure about your status.

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