Valium® PEZ Candy Refills

Clean, pressed clothes. Fresh-baked cookies. Special parties at birthdays. Your husband makes a good living and gives you the allowance you need to run a proper household. You’re a good wife and mother, but lately things have gotten harder. It’s not you—you love the life you’ve built with Harold and the kids, but sometimes 14-year-old Chip, your oldest, gets a little “out of control.” Your mother says it’s just a phase that all boys go through and Harold seems to encourage it. But as mother, you’re concerned. After all, who knows a boy better than his mom?

So, you decide to take Chip to the family doctor for his annual checkup—four months early, but no one notices. During a private consultation with old Doc Stevens, you voice your concerns about his behavior. He suggests a mild sedative that you’re familiar with, but it only comes in a pill form and Chip has always been difficult about swallowing pills. “Can’t I just crush it up in his food?” you ask, but Doc Stevens tells you that it would be immediately detectible by taste and you might lose the boy’s trust. Dejected, you leave the office with a recalcitrant Chip and very few answers.

Until one day a friend tells you about a remarkable new pill-delivery method that has the calming properties of Valium®, but also tastes and looks like a candy treat. Swiss drug-manufacturer Hoffmann-La Roche, in cooperation with Austia’s PEZ candies, has designed PEZ-shaped chewable tablets that deliver a delicious, sweet taste, along with a healthy dose of calm. With reduced dosages of the active ingredient, your child can safely consume up to two to four of the treats (depending on body weight) from their favorite standard PEZ dispenser. Daffy Duck, The Wolfman, H.R. Pufnstuf—we’ve got them all! Ol’ Chip gets candy. You get a better night’s rest

Introducing Valium PEZ Candy Refills* – We Get You, Mom

*Valium PEZ candy refills are currently only available at Eckerd Drugs and Brooks Pharmacy with a valid prescription from a licensed physician and are pending full approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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