Red Lion Cheroots

You’ve had your good times. Varsity football, track, and president of the debate club. Your prowess on the ball field and high marks won you a scholarship to state college, where you worked hard and played hard. But playtime is in the past. Ten years have gone by, you have two children, and you’re expecting a third—any minute, now.

The cab ride to the hospital was touch and go, but now you’re waiting in the father’s lounge with the other husbands. The baby is a few weeks early, so you didn’t have time to properly prepare for the hours-long wait. Fortunately, the hospital gift shop stays open late, and you were able to buy a few provisions:  an evening edition of the newspaper, a pint of bonded whiskey, and a pack of smokes. Still, there’s something missing.

A nurse walks in and delivers the good news to a young sailor who’d arrived before you. He’s now the proud father of a baby boy. The first-timer passes out cigars, which the other men immediately light—but not you. Your new friend just handed you a Red Lion and you’re going to save it for when the nurse comes to give you your good news.

Cigarettes are fine, but when the hard work is over, celebrate with a Red Lion.

Sponsored content by the Red Lion Cheroot Company, Dominican Republic