The Feline Ouija Board® by Hasbro

Dealing with the loss of a beloved pet can be difficult, but you’d always been able to accept that death is a part of life. Uncle Rod, all four grandparents, even a friend or two from school—“accidents” their parents told you. In the end, no one evades that bright, sharp scythe of the inevitable for very long. “Live for today,” was always your motto. But then your fluffy cat Angus died at the ripe old age of fourteen. He went peacefully, in his sleep—or so, you’d like to believe, but you never even had the chance to say goodbye.

He was the runt of the litter, but with a little milk and a whole lot of love, Angus grew into a happy, healthy eight-pounder. Angus attended every birthday social and tea party with you when you were little and he stared stoically at you in the dark when you went through your first breakup. When you went away to college, Angus moved into your room and he never even urinated on your pink canopy bed. When you came home on breaks, Angus was your favorite cuddle buddy.

Now you’re 42. You’re divorced, and your own kids are away at college. You have a tabby, but she’s indifferent to you. You really miss Angus.

You may have always said no to The Dark Arts. If you’ve been failed by the tarot, chicken bones, tea leaves, and palm reading, it’s time to step up to the power of the Ouija. Unlike other supernatural gimmicks, the Ouija channels the spiritual energy of lost love ones and pets and gives them a convenient way to speak to you. Combining ancient Egyptian cat worship and hieroglyphics, the same people who have given you hours of family-friendly entertainment and connected you with so many adult humans, now has a feline edition.

Your departed cats can guide you to a better understanding of the cat afterlife. Who knows? Maybe li’l Angus is already sitting on the table mewling for a lick of your pork chop. Your friends and family will roar with delight as the planchette tells your cat’s story about its journey into the unknown.

The Feline Ouija Board® by Hasbro: Kitty, Can You Hear Me?

Not recommended for communing with dogs.

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