The Ponderosa Family Casino

You’re the guy who’s never shied away from risk. “Go big or go home” has always been your motto, and it’s brought you to the brink of unparalleled levels of success—but nothing has ever quite paid off. Now, with the economy booming, you see opportunity everywhere. The only problem is, no one is willing to stake you just long enough for your big payoff.

You’d pay them back—three times over—that’s how confident you are. And on the slim chance that something did go wrong, you know you’re good for it. Your checking account has run dry; your credit cards are maxed out; your house is triple mortgaged, and you’re hiding an eight-year-old car from the banks, but that’s just for now.

You know that you’re a winner who’s just never caught his lucky break, but you also know what you have to do. So, you visit your kids at your wife’s new boyfriend’s house, take a hundred dollars from her purse, and head down to the Ponderosa, where three lucky spins of that wheel can make you a multi-millionaire. Are you ready for your moment of truth?

The Ponderosa Casino Family. Your real family knows you’re a winner.

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