The Three-Section Staff

“Before seeking revenge, you must dig two graves,” your wizened old master warns you, but you’ve already paid too high of a price to abandon your quest for vengeance. You know how important it is to train hard, eat properly, and reflect on the earlier lessons of your endless journey to become human weapon in a world where all that matters are loose clothing and lightning fast reaction times. But have you chosen the right handheld weapon?

You’ve come a long way from stringing together two pieces of an old mop handle that your mom (recently killed by your enemies) let you have. But now, when you go to your secret weapon stash, you realize that your lackluster collection of nunchaku, sai, kama, and other armaments are no match for the similar handheld weapons of the ethnic Asian gang that has been managing to evade the efforts of law enforcement with bribes, secrecy, and mysterious traditions.

You’ve considered investing in a few of the nearly 300 million firearms that litter the pawn shops and flea markets of your new country, but it wouldn’t be honorable to simply gun down the army of martial arts experts who have murdered or enslaved everyone you’ve ever loved and who are protecting the syndicate boss who gave the order to kill your sweetheart. Besides, your master (also recently killed by your enemies just after training you for this mission) didn’t approve of guns.

If you’re about to take on seemingly impossible odds and you’re tired of the “same old, same old” when it comes to traditional martial arts weapons, it’s time for you to step up to the next big thing in ancient Okinawan arms. The three-section-staff combines the length of the bo staff with the flexibility and convenience of nunchaku. Artisanally crafted from solid Japanese red oak cultivated on the southern island of Kyushu and bound together with links of carbon steel, this is no ordinary choice of weapons. The three-section staff folds into a third of its full length, so it conceals easily under a duster or inside a violin case. When you’re ready for action, you can swing, bat, or block whatever comes your way. Hey, shuriken, move over: there’s a new sheriff in town!  When an evil cabal interferes with the sanctity of your neighborhood, and your code doesn’t allow you to fight with firearms, it’s time to get serious about your weapon.

When There’s No One Left to Love, It’s Just You and Your Three-Section Staff

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