Whitman’s Samplers

You love her. You really do. But lately you’ve noticed that she’s been behaving differently. She goes to the Pilates three days a week and when you ask her to join you for your regular Tuesday pizza and beer night, she’s been ordering salads and sparkling water. At this rate, your best girl is going to have the nicest figure in school, but you don’t really want the competition, do you?

But your lady has a weakness, and that failing of hers will be your dark, sweet ally. There are gift-giving occasions, but you can’t wait for one of those, and her birthday is months away. You need to act before the habits of her new health regimen set in and your special lady has what she’s been calling her “summer swimsuit body.” So, why not stop off at your local five and dime and pick up a Whitman’s Sampler just because?

You know that the temptation of a box of world-class premium chocolates is strong enough to break her willpower, and because Whitman’s uses only all-natural ingredients, you can be sure that it won’t affect her diabetes. Her jealous friends will think you’re the best boyfriend in town and she’ll keep the body that you’ve grown accustomed to.

Whitman’s Samplers – You Don’t Need to Tell Her Why

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