Winchester Premium Ammunition

You just turned 18 and you’re ready to make your mark on the world. You can vote. You can smoke. You can get a tattoo. And, yes, you can even join the military if you want to, but still, no one is taking seriously. You expect that kind of treatment from your folks. How many times have you heard that tired old “as long as you’re living under our roof” line? And the funny thing is, you do respect their rules. It’s annoying, but you do it because you’re one of the good guys. You know it; they know it; but somehow, everyone around you is still treating you like a kid.

That’s why you made a decision to purchase your first handgun. It’s nothing fancy—just a second-hand, medium caliber semiautomatic with a blued finish and walnut grip—but you clean it once a week and practice your quick draw every night before you go to bed.

When you leave the house, your gun is always out of sight—hidden in your clothing or your book bag. No one seems to think you’re ready for a gun, but you know they’d be singing a different tune if you stopped a terror attack or even just a serious crime—like a train robbery or a stickup. But in the quiet little town where you live, violent crimes are rare. So, you just keep your eyes peeled and your gun loaded with high-quality, clean-firing Winchester hollow-point cartridges.

You use Winchester because its revolutionary powder burns cleaner than all of the other leading brands, and the polished surface finish reduces the chance of a jam during that critical moment. You might trust other ammo on the range, but not when lives are at stake.

Heroes choose Winchester.

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